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Indian Wedding Tulum - Hilton Tulum

Ruchi & Kunal

Indian Wedding Photographers Mexico

February 16-18, 2023

Indian Destination Wedding Delight: Tying the Knot in Tulum

The enchanting coastal haven of Tulum set the stage for Ruchi and Kunal's two-day extravaganza, weaving together the allure of the Caribbean Sea with the opulence of their Indian wedding traditions.

Mehendi Magic: Day One Unveils Henna Elegance

The festivities kicked off with the Mehendi ceremony, a day of intricate henna designs and vibrant celebrations at the Hilton Tulum, where Ruchi embraced the company of her nearest and dearest against the backdrop of the tropical breeze and traditional Indian melodies.

Sangeet Soiree: A Night of Choreographed Joy

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Hilton Tulum transformed into a vibrant dance floor for the Sangeet. Ruchi and Kunal led the revelry with choreographed performances, blending Bollywood tunes with the rhythmic beats of celebration that resonated through the night.

Sacred Vows by the Sea: The Grand Day Unfolds

Against the backdrop of the azure sea, day two unfolded with the sacred vows. The couple exchanged promises in a traditional Indian ceremony, where the mandap adorned with fragrant blooms became a sacred space for Ruchi and Kunal's journey into marital bliss.

Culinary Fusion: A Feast of Indian and Mexican Delights

The grand crescendo continued with a sumptuous feast on day two, featuring a culinary fusion that married the best of Indian and Mexican gastronomy. Guests savored delectable flavors, toasting to the newlyweds against the backdrop of a Tulum sunset painted in hues of pink and gold.

Symphony of Cultures: Love, Laughter, and Extravagance

Ruchi and Kunal's celebration at the Hilton Tulum transcended the conventional wedding experience. It was a symphony of cultural amalgamation, love, and extravagant celebration, leaving indelible memories etched into the hearts of all fortunate enough to witness the union of two souls in this paradisiacal setting.

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Dhol Player @drumsinparadise
Video @ismaelgonzalez_filmmaker
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Brides outfit: @crossoverbollywoodse.chicago
Venue: @hiltontulumallinclusive 

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