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Hacienda Tamchen Wedding - Yucatan

Andrea & Adam

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March 14th, 2020

Yucatan Destination Wedding

Hacienda Tamchen is another one of the spectacular secluded colonial properties . One of the many of its kind in Yucatan. The hacienda flaunts an extensive and flourishing pond, lush gardens and an enchanting tree at the rear. By and large, it almost seems straight out of a fairytale.

However, this was no fairytale. This was Andrea and Adam´s beautiful and upbeat Destination Wedding in Yucatan. A gleeful fusion with a Chilean bride and American groom who hopped over the US border with their convivial guests. These lovely newlyweds shared their story with us.

How did you meet?

Swiped right! Tinder.

What was your first date?   

We had dinner and a walk on the Riverwalk on a Thursday. Next, our second date was that Saturday, where Adam took Andrea to a wedding.

How and where did your partner propose to you?

Andrea booked a cheesy mystery dinner for our second year anniversary. During which Adam created a puzzle which read: “Andrea, will you marry me?” and extra puzzle shapes with yes/no options. However, people at the dinner, thought we were part of the show. They demanded to see the ring and asked us interrogating/suspicious questions about each other. 

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Reading out our vows and jumping in the pool at Hacienda Tamchen! 

What was the most funny moment of your wedding?

Pony dancing by Adam, to the WHOLE ENTIRE song. 

Why did you choose your wedding venue? 

We wanted a small intimate wedding in a special place. We love the style of Haciendas and love traveling. When looking at pictures online of Haciendas in Mexico we came up with dozens and dozens. Andrea created a spreadsheet. And, after looking at pictures and logistics (travel distances from the city to the Hacienda. From the US and Tucson to different cities in Mexico and into what else was appealing of the town. So that people traveling to the wedding would want to come see the area too. Finally, we stumbled into Private Hacienda’s website and discovered Hacienda Tamchen. We felt this place was undoubtably the most gorgeous of them all and could accommodate our guests.  

Give us a summary of your Wedding day 

Our day started slow since we went to bed late the previous night from the rehearsal dinner. And then hanging out late at night with our friends. We started getting organised as far as moving things from one room to the next in order to get ready. Next, Adam had time to play in the pool with the kids (niece/nephew), and enjoyed a talk with his friend. While Andrea started getting her hair done. Along with her mom, mother-in-law and friend. Every vendor showed up with their own team, which we were impressed with. It seemed organised and things were flowing well. 

As a final touch, the hair-stylist placed natural flowers in Andrea’s finished hair-style. Then Andrea put her wedding dress on. The Wedding Photographer and videographer were taking pictures and recording all the action. Once we were ready, they begun giving us some direction to take some artsy pictures separately. Before our first look, Andrea started making her way to Adam. Alongside us, there was a large group of people surrounding us, watching. In front of Andrea was Adam with his back to his soon bride-to-be. Andrea approached Adam from behind. Finally, when we saw each other for the first time, we were overwhelmed with emotion.

Wedding Planner: Daniela Fierro 
H&MUA: Annie Saenz
Floral design: Juan Pablo Camara
Catering: Q Banquetes
Venue: Hacienda Tamchen

Yucatan weddings are generally very flamboyant events. It is no surprise really, given the majestic setup many of these beautiful Yucatan wedding venues have.  If you are looking for a Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer to shoot your special event. Please get in touch, and we can schedule a call or online meeting to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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