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What is an Unplugged Mexico Destination Wedding?

Unplugged Destination Weddings Mexico

28th February, 2019 - Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

There is a large difference between destination weddings nowadays (or any wedding for that matter) and those from your parents era, every guest is carrying a mobile device of some sort to take photos and/or video. We can´t deny it, mobile devices are a key part of our lives and leaving home without one is akin to leaving your purse or wallet at home.

As a Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer I am not against it, but at the same time, the Bride and Groom need to find a balance and remember they have spent considerable time and money choosing a professional Mexico destination wedding photographer to cover the best of their wedding day and preserve spontaneous moments.

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Guests on Social Media at your Mexico Destination Wedding

The chances are your guests may want to not only want to take photos and video of their family members or friend´s Destination Wedding in Mexico to have an instant memory close to them, but also they are likely going to want to post it to social media networks to tell friends about your fantastic beach wedding in Playa del Carmen, for example.

However, some wedding couples may not want their wedding announced on social media prior to the official wedding photos have been obtained.

Let´s face it, we don’t always look fantastic in mobile phone shots, you could be squinting terribly just at the moment the Sun is in your eyes and as one of your guests snaps that mobile shot destined for social media…oh no!

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Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer Vs Mobile Photos – The Trade Off

Any Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer will tell you of experiences acquired over the years of wedding guests getting in the way of the professional photographer´s shots and basically ruining a key moment of the day!

It is very common to see the bride or groom walking down the aisle and everyone with their phones out, or worse still iPads, photographing or videoing a key moment. Some guests even take a quick step into the aisle in front of the bride to get the “perfect shot”, that is where the problems start to arise as such activity can be obtrusive to the professional wedding photographers work.

There was even an article a couple of years ago, about a groom who had to take a step to one side to see his bride coming down the aisle, because all the wedding guests were blocking his view with their mobile phones, iPads etc. frustrating no?

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Ensure Your Wedding Guests Cherish your Wedding – Go Unplugged!

The key reason your wedding guests have made an effort to come to Mexico is to celebrate your wedding with you and cherish the moment. Like I said when I first started this article, I have no problem with guests taking photos at weddings, but there comes a time when their infatuation with getting the “perfect shot” eclipses enjoying the wedding ceremony with the other guests.

Imagine the moment being in the midst of your beautiful destination wedding and you are overjoyed, and you take a quick glimpse towards your wedding guests as you are sure they are living these beautiful moments with you… but you can´t see anyone, because they are all hiding behind their phones and cameras! How would you feel?

As a Destination Wedding Photographer Playa del Carmen, I can assure you it is not possible for me as a Mexico Destination Wedding photographer to enjoy the ceremony and focus on key moments, and on the bride and groom, and wedding details etc. Which is why I prefer to only focus on the job I have been contracted for, and in doing do I seek to exceed my clients expectations as one of many Wedding Photographers in Riviera Maya Mexico.

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Bottom Line

These are just a few reasons as to why you should have an unplugged wedding, the list goes on. At the end of the day, there are decisions you need to make as bride and groom and what is best for you and your guests. At the same time, you need to remember arms and iPads extended into the aisle can and will compromise key moments of your wedding day. We do encourage all our wedding couples to educate their wedding guests accordingly.

That aside, if you are seeking a Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographer for your beautiful Destination Wedding in Mexico and would like a casual chat with no obligation to commit. Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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