Weddings in Mexico 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Photographing Weddings in Mexico FAQ

What wedding photography packages do you manage for Indian Weddings in Mexico?
For Indian Weddings or multiple day weddings, we generally design a bespoke wedding photography package based on the various events you need covering. We recommend you get in touch to discuss the when and the where, and we can define details then swiftly put together a proposal for you to review.
What is a Mexico Destination Wedding?

A Mexico destination wedding is a wedding held in a location that is generally distant from the bride and grooms hometown (ie. in Mexico). Brides and grooms will generally invite their closest friends and families to celebrate their big day with them! Which generally means destination weddings are normally smaller. If you want to know more about destination weddings in Mexico, click here.

How much does a Cancun Destination Wedding cost in 2020?

It is a question that is very difficult to give a straight answer, as it will depend on so many factors. Your wedding venue, how many guests you are inviting, the vendors your choose, where you are staying, etc. This is another reason I encourage couples to use a destination wedding planner in Mexico, it will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Are you going to be having your destination wedding in Cancun? Playa del Carmen? Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos? Get in touch for a casual chat about your big day.

Do I need a Destination Wedding Planner in Cancun?

It isn´t essential. But I would highly recommend it! It is different country, different culture and may have different ways of conducting business than what you are used to. Wedding planners will save you money, as they have a list of trusted suppliers they always work with. You both likely have full time jobs, and organising a destination wedding is no easy feat!

What are the Benefits of Destination Weddings in Cancun?

This can be elaborated on massively! 🙂 But in a nutshell, for most couples (especially brides and grooms from the US and Canada) it will very likely work out considerably cheaper to host your destination wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or anywhere in Mexico, than your hometown! Which means your wedding funds will go further! Just a couple of benefits include.

  • Beach wedding ceremony. For city folk, getting your toes in the sand next to a beautiful caribbean ocean is far more appealing, relaxing and a lot more stress-free! Destination weddings in Cancun are a perfect excuse to disconnect from the rat-race back home.
  • Wedding and Honeymoon combined. You have ve already come this far for your Mexico Destination Wedding. So why not have your honeymoon whilst you are here and save yourself additional expenses. There are infinite places to visit and acitivities to do as newlyweds, or with close friends and family. Such as, scuba diving, island hopping, visiting mayan ruins, theme parks. If you are still unsure, check the Visit Mexico site for more info. And if you want personal recommendations, feel free to get in touch 🙂
  • Decoration. The fact that you are already located in a stunning natural paradise will mean you wont require to spend so much on the decor for your special day.
Do we need to provide you with a meal at the reception?

Honestly, after running around 5 hours or more, I would really appreciate it if you did! Because there comes a time when I am hungry like everyone else.

Having something to eat ensures I keep my energy and creative juices flowing so I can keep on shooting creatively. The meal does not have to be as your guest menu, as I comprehend you want to keep costs to a minimum. Many caterers offer “vendor meals” as an option.

However, it is very important to inform the caterer or the venue providing the meals that I should be served as early as possible, so that I finish my meal before the guests and can continue shooting.

Do you offer wedding albums?

I do offer printed wedding albums, I offer various types, all are hand crafted and come in an elegant case. During the album design process, you will be sent your album design for review, which you can make a maximum of 2 free adjustments to. Once you approve the layout, you can choose your album cover style, and colour style, etc.

Are you the only photographer?

When you book your wedding with Gareth Davies Photography, you can be 100% certain that it will be me, Gareth, shooting your wedding day and nobody else that you see for the first time in your life. I don´t do double bookings or send other photographers to cover weddings. I do occasionally have a 2nd photographer/assistant accompany me to weddings, this is to ensure every aspect is covered and everything is plain sailing.

How long does it take to get our photos?

Delivery time depends on my work schedule, as all weddings are processed in chronological order. It may take from 30 to 90 days to receive your final collection of wedding photos.

However, I provide clients with a selection of edited images within 7 days after their wedding.

Once your photos are ready, you will be sent a link to your own private client gallery where you will be able to view, share and download the high-resolution files, and even buy prints on a diverse number of high quality materials such as, canvas, acrylic, wooden blocks, glycée, amongst others.

If you have included a printed album in your wedding photography collection, we will work on the album design and photo selection together to ensure it meets your standards.

Please note, no photos or printed wedding album will be provided until payment has been liquidated in full.

How many photos will we receive?

The number of photographs you receive depends on coverage time, size of the wedding, size of the venue, and a number of other factors. My goal is to deliver beautiful images that capture a story of your wedding day. For this reason, I will not provide you with all the images I take on your wedding day (and a lot of photos are taken!), rather only the images I consider make you look the most flattering and meet my professional, technical and artistic standards.

Will you give us all the digital files?

I provide the client with a selection of edited, high quality, high-resolution digital files, from which you can make unlimited prints and use them for non-commercial purposes. You have the option to purchase all the of the digital files and unedited photos at an additional cost.

What equipment do you use?

Whilst the oven doesn´t make the chef, I am occasionally asked about the equipment I use. Which includes a heavy investment in Canon professional cameras, Canon prime lenses, as well as a diverse range of lighting equipment and light modifiers designed to facilitate the most challenging environments. Because the quality of my work and that which I deliver to the client is of paramount importance. On any wedding day, I always work with two Canon cameras and backups of everything piece of equipment I carry.

What happens once we have booked you?

Once you have paid the deposit, your wedding date is then guaranteed in my diary and I will email you a “Wedding Photography Welcome Pack” along with a receipt, which will acknowledge your payment of the deposit, the amount received, the date and what the next steps are. This, of course, will vary, depending on your event requirements and the service you have booked.

Can you hold our wedding date?

Unfortunately, I am unable to hold a date for your wedding without a prior retainer fee. As I am sure you can appreciate, I accept bookings on a first come/first served basis. So, if you are considering booking me as your wedding photographer, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

I found you online. Should I contact you directly or tell my wedding planner to get in touch with you?

I would recommend you get in touch with me directly and enquire immediately. A delay may result in loss of availability. Besides, if you are confident, you would like me as your wedding photographer, I can provide you with my availability of dates during a period of dates you are considering for your wedding.

How long before the wedding should we book you?

My work calendar varies considerably, so to avoid disappoint I would recommend booking me 6 months to 1 year in advance. However, occasionally I may be booked for wedding photography 1 month in advance. In a nutshell, “the sooner, the better!”.

Do you travel for destination weddings?

I love to travel, who doesn´t? I am always more than happy to literally travel to the other side of the country or abroad to facilitate your wedding, as long as my schedule allows. Destination weddings are always a breath of fresh air for me and I thoroughly enjoy them! If you are debating having a destination wedding, don´t hesitate to contact me and ask about my availability and pricing.

Are you going to be having your destination wedding in Cancun? Playa del Carmen? Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos? Get in touch for a casual chat about your big day.