Weddings in Cancun 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Weddings in Cancun FAQ

What is a Mexico Destination Wedding?
A Mexico destination wedding is a wedding held in a location that is generally distant from the bride and grooms hometown (ie. in Mexico). Brides and grooms will generally invite their closest friends and families to celebrate their big day with them! Which generally means destination weddings are normally smaller. If you want to know more about destination weddings in Mexico, click here.
How much does a Cancun Destination Wedding cost in 2019?

It is a question that is very difficult to give a straight answer, as it will depend on so many factors. Your wedding venue, how many guests you are inviting, where you are staying, etc. This is another reason I endorse couples using a destination wedding planner in Mexico, it will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Are you going to be having your destination wedding in Cancun? Playa del Carmen? Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos? Get in touch for a casual chat about your big day.

Do I need a Destination Wedding Planner in Cancun?

It isn´t essential. But I would highly recommend it! It is different country, different culture and may have different ways of conducting business than what you are used to. Wedding planners will save you money, as they have a list of trusted suppliers they always work with. You both likely have full time jobs, and organising a destination wedding is no easy feat!

What are the Benefits of Destination Weddings in Cancun?

This can be elaborated on massively! 🙂 But in a nutshell, for most couples (especially brides and grooms from the US and Canada) it will very likely work out considerably cheaper to host your destination wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or anywhere in Mexico, than your hometown! Which means your wedding funds will go further! Just a couple of benefits include.

  • Beach wedding ceremony. For city folk, getting your toes in the sand next to a beautiful caribbean ocean is far more appealing, relaxing and a lot more stress-free! Destination weddings in Cancun are a perfect excuse to disconnect from the rat-race back home.
  • Wedding and Honeymoon combined. You have ve already come this far for your Mexico Destination Wedding. So why not have your honeymoon whilst you are here and save yourself additional expenses. There are infinite places to visit and acitivities to do as newlyweds, or with close friends and family. Such as, scuba diving, island hopping, visiting mayan ruins, theme parks. If you are still unsure, check the Visit Mexico site for more info. And if you want personal recommendations, feel free to get in touch 🙂
  • Decoration. The fact that you are already located in a stunning natural paradise will mean you wont require to spend so much on the decor for your special day.

Are you going to be having your destination wedding in Cancun? Playa del Carmen? Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos? Get in touch for a casual chat about your big day.