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Wedding Casa de Los Sueños, Isla Mujeres

April & Andrew. Casa de Los Sueños, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo.

April and Andrew had their Mayan Ceremony as a Destination Wedding at Casa Sueños in Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo. Here´s a little about this awesome couple! 

How did you meet? 

Our journey began at a Passion Pit concert. Hipster dude in a 'Dare' t-shirt, high-cuffed jeans and spiky hair (Red never uses hair product) approached a cool-as-a-cucumber gal in a red (go-figure) blouse and ankle boots. We proceeded to rush the stage, jump (aka dance) uncontrollably and learn we have much more than great taste in music in our initials and hobbies (distance running). And so our cosmic love story was set in motion. 

Over the years, a deep friendship has grown in miles, adventures and passion. We've been fortunate to swim many oceans, share countless sunsets (the colors continue to amaze) and climb magnificent mountaintops (literal and figurative) together. Always learning, we make each other better, balanced and blessed....the waves will go up and down, so let's enjoy the churn! 


What was your first date? 

Hash House Harriers: a group run and some beers with a wild bunch of equally sane and funny comrades.  It was Andrew’s birthday and let’s just say there was singing, dancing and birthday spankings that lasted long into the morning hours! 

How and where did your partner ask for your hand in marriage? 

Andrew proposed at the top of Mount Baru (a beautiful and the tallest volcano) in Boquete, Panama.  We woke early, bundled for freezing temperatures and took an adventure jeep up to the peak.  At 11,398 feet ft high in the dark, it was majestic.  As we balanced on the top of this massive rock with only a few other tourists, Andrew guided me out to a small alcove along a very narrow trail.  The fog was so dense, then lifted and we could see everything below us.  All was silent for a few moments when he bent down on down on one knee and took my hand.  He said he couldn’t imagine living this life with anyone else and asked me to marry him.  I was elated, smile spread ear to ear and I actually laughed!  Because that’s what he makes me do, see the humor and beauty in life and of course, I said YES!  

What was the most memorable moment the day of your wedding?  

Walking down the endless aisle towards the ceremony (it was rather long, but we savored every moment of that ramp, walking hand in hand, from the door of our suite through the main house and down to the oceanside dock).  We felt as though we were floating, it was surreal and comfortingly potent all at the same time.  When our first song started, instrumental Holocene by Bon Iver, we saw our family and friends gathered together, we both felt overjoyed.  We knew this was it, this was our destiny and we couldn’t have been surer of anything ever.  …it was either then, or when Andrew saw dolphins jumping out along the horizon during our vows, haha. 

What was the funniest moment the day of your wedding?  

Our father’s speeches had everyone rolling in laughs.  The Groom’s father made light of his large, unconventional family tree claiming that he knew Andrew was an optimist when he always seemed to make the most of his family relationships by gaining vacation home invites, recreational vehicle offerings and more over the years.  The Bride’s dad pulled out a speech written on a scroll that when unraveled literally touched the floor.  His speech wasn’t that long, but he did tease that he could go on all night. 

Give us a summary of your wedding day 

Our wedding day was magical:  a colourful collection of family, friends and faith.  The celebration - a true blend of our personalities and expression of our love.  The day – memorable and meaningful for eternity.  The feeling – immense gratitude for all who helped make it happen.  The most important takeaway – love is a gift, unity a blessing; we won’t ever forget how much favour has been bestowed upon us. 


 It was an absolute delight to work with Gareth.  It seems he was translucent that day, floating in and around all of the festivities.  He maintained a calm, a sense of ease throughout all of the happenings and this soothed the bride and groom, among others, helping to keep us grounded.  We love that very few pictures were posed and those that were, didn’t feel unnatural. 

The photography is absolutely stunning.  Gareth captured every detail of our wedding day, we can practically relive the entire celebration by viewing his photographs.  We love the artistic style and creative composition of our portfolio.  They are timeless and original in the same right.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

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