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Akiin Beach Wedding Tulum

Vanessa & Michael

Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographers

14th June, 2019. Tulum

Akiin Beach in Tulum was Vanessa and Michaels venue of choice for their Mexico destination wedding. Vanessa, the bride, sang during the ceremony, an unexpected surprise for us and the wedding guests and many a tear was shed during this very moving ceremony.

Here is a little bit more about the Vanessa and Michael´s Tulum destination wedding which we shared with them.

How did you meet?  

We unexpectedly met at a bar in downtown Austin, Texas.    

What was your first date? 

Michael is super old-school, so he picked up the phone and called me to invite me out on our first date.  No one does that these days!  I was even more intrigued, so we agreed to meet on Rainey Street (bar area in downtown Austin).  We got some drinks and snacks and I remember we laughed all night until we realized it was so late and we needed to go home because it was during the work week! 

How and where did your partner ask for your hand in marriage? 

After a year of dating, we purchased our first home.  We had just gotten back from a week long vacation in Cancun, Mexico, and we were getting the keys to our house for the first time.  Michael said we were going out to dinner to celebrate the new house and then we were going to go see it.  I realized that he wasn’t taking me to the restaurant and instead to our house – he said he changed the plan last minute.  We walked inside our house, and in the shadows I noticed silhouettes.  As I started to make out their faces it was our families and friends.  When I turned to look at Michael he was down on one knee.  It was such a special moment! 

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?  

The first look – it was so special to be able to see each other before everything started.   I think any nervousness that was floating around was gone because we then just felt excited to be with each other and get the ceremony/party started! 

Wedding Planner: Mango Weddings
Venue: Akiin Beach Tulum

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