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Hacienda San Diego Cutz Wedding - Yucatan

Fatima & Eduardo

Hacienda San Diego Cutz Wedding

2nd November, 2019

Hacienda San Diego Cutz is one of many majestic haciendas Yucatan has to offer. Not suprisingly, it was where Fatima and Eduardo hosted their Yucatan destination wedding. Here´s a little more about this lovely couple and their special day.

Wedding Planner: FH Weddings
Decoration & Furniture: Minimal 4.0
Bridal Bouquet and Floral Arch: RAW Estudio
DJ: Ledesma Producciones
Venue: Hacienda San Diego Cutz

How did you meet?   

We met 12 years ago at Med School. I was a 1st year med student and Eduardo was 2nd year med student. Julio (a mutual friend) introduced us in a lunch break. And actually, Julio was our “Padrino de Lazo” for the Ceremony at the Church.  

 What was your first date?   

It was 12 years ago. First, we went to the movies and that was the moment I found out that Eduardo loves eating popcorn more than anything in this world. Then, we went to have dinner in a not-so-fancy restaurant (more like a coffee shop) and Eduardo was very nervous because he was about to ask me to be his girlfriend, so he fell off the chair!! It was a very funny moment.  Finally, when we left the coffee shop, two of his friends (Alex and Julio) were waiting outside holding a very big poster with a handwritten message: “ Fatima, will you be my girlfriend?”  So that is how our history began. 😀  

 How and where did your partner propose to you?   

It was almost one year ago. We went with my brother to a cenote near Mérida (Cenote San Ignacio) and we went swimming, then we ate outside the cenote in a local restaurant and then we went for a walk. He knows I love chocolates so he put the ring inside a chocolate wrapper, the brand was “conejito”, those with a bunny shape, and suddenly he pulled out this chocolate and said “would you like one?” so I said, “oh yes of course”, and when I opened it I saw the ring inside 😀  

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?   

Definitely the most memorable moment of our wedding was our grand entrance. Combined with the song “Don’t stop me now” and Eduardo’s performance of Bryan May’s guitar solo. We felt the most incredible energy inside and around us. We felt that energy since the beginning of the song, while we were waiting outside the rooms.

What was the most funny moment of your wedding?   

The funniest part was the “ramo” and “liguero” part. But mostly, when Eduardo makes the sexy dance before pulling the “liguero”.

Why did you choose your wedding venue? 

We chose Hacienda San Diego Cutz because of its amazing scenery, its historical legacy and all the paintings, furniture, gardens, architecture, fountains, nature. Hacienda San Diego Cutz has everything we dreamed for our wedding venue.  

Give us a summary of your wedding day 

On our wedding day I arrived very early to the Hacienda, at 8:30 just to start make-up and hair with my mom and my bridesmaids. We had a lot of fun because we were laughing, telling jokes and it helped me a lot to reduce some stress.

Eduardo arrived later and he was with two of his friends hanging out and having a drink. We sent a present to each other, they were a surprise, me (Eduardo) gave Fatima a pair of earings and a necklace and Fátima gave me a pair of cufflinks. Then he started to get ready too. Then we started the photography session.

First some pictures with my mum, my sister, my bridesmaids and my dad. Then we had our “first look” or first encounter dressed as bride and groom. That was a very special and emotional moment because we had been dreaming and thinking about this moment for so long.

The pictures with family, bridesmaids and groomsmen, took place after that. Shortly after we had our civil ceremony, which was also a very, very emotional moment with our closest family and friends. We then departed for the church for the religious ceremony, where the rest of the guests arrived.

Finally we returned to the hacienda San Diego Cutz for the reception, with a local dancing show (Jarana) during the cocktail. And finally, the dinner and party, including our entrance, our first dance as a married couple, and the dance with Fatima’s dad and Eduardo’s mom, which were also very emotive; and the cool moments such as “ramo”,  “liguero” “me playing Bohemian Rhapsody”. 

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