Destination Wedding Photographer in Playa del Carmen

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Thank you for taking a moment to visit my website and find out a little more about me. I am Gareth, a full-time Destination Wedding Photographer in Playa del Carmen, originally from the UK. I have resided in Mexico since 2010. A place I now like to call home.

Despite being the vast number of Playa del Carmen weddings. I shoot destination weddings all over Mexico and tend to refrain from restricting myself to one geographical area. For me personally, being a Mexico destination Wedding Photographer is about pursuing opportunities further afield too.

Indian Weddings in Playa del Carmen - A Unique Wedding Collection

As a Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer my pride is my passion. I aim to ensure every bride and groom comes away with a unique and stylish wedding photography collection. 

I consider my wedding photography style a flamboyant combination of editorial mixed with spontaneous, authentic and vivacious moments which simply can not be directed.

Light, Direction and Instinct

Regardless of your Playa del Carmen wedding venue, I always seek the most flattering ambient light to bring out the best in both bride and groom. I may also compliment the shot with artificial light. As a Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer, this entails directing either bride and groom in such a way, that it provokes a natural and instinctive reaction. A reaction I will ll be contemplating and ready to capture as soon as your eyes make contact, or as you release a loving giggle 🙂

Aligning Expectations

I encourage all couples to take a look through my creative work and ensure we are a perfect match for you and your wedding day expectations. As a Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer I love to work with like-minded people who have an adventurous mindset and are keen to let me focus on the details on your wedding day. That will ensure my presence is unknown and mean you can both enjoy the day more.

Why Choose Me as your Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer?

In Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, there is a great variety of Playa del Carmen Mexico Photographers with varying levels of experience. So, what makes us different from any other Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer? Knowing our clients and maintaining proactive communication with them is of paramount importance to us, we like our clients to feel loved.

We adopt a friendly consultative approach from outset, with consistent communication so you know exactly what to expect for your budget, with no hidden surprises and no pushy sales pitch. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. We strive to exceed expectations in every meaning of the word, which means delivery of your wedding photos and wedding album on time. That is why we would love to be your Playa del Carmen Photographer on your wedding day!

Weddings in Playa del Carmen with Experienced Professionals

Having had years of extensive professional training and respectable accreditations as a professional photographer, we are amongst the best wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen. We understand light, its intensity and how to use to our advantage to make you both gleam on your wedding day, not only that but we seek to bring out the best in you both and have a whole load of fun 🙂

So if you have reviewed multiple Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographers and would like to consider us, I would absolutely love to hear from you and learn more about you both, your day and your expectations. Get in touch!