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Hi there, thank you so much for taking a moment to visit our portfolio. We are Gareth Davies Photography, a Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photographer . Cabo is an exclusive location with easy access from most international cities. It is no surprise Cabo´s rugged yet majestic coastline is a favourite for Weddings, amongst Indian wedding photographers in Cabo and their clients alike.

Choosing a Indian Wedding Photographer Cabo San Lucas

It’s a real pleasure being part of South Asian weddings in Cabo and visually documenting a compelling story of the bride and grooms on their special day. So why choose us as your Indian Wedding Photographer in Los Cabos to preserve such a symbolic occasion?

  • We strive to excel our clients expectations from outset. This means you will receive unparalleled customer service and communication from the moment you contract my services. Not just a “Thanks for the signed contract and deposit, see you on the day!”
  • Our client approach is a completely personable and consultative approach, with no high-pressure sales techniques. I empathise with my clients needs and budget requirements, which means you get what is best for your money.
  • Equally important. With so many talented Los Cabos Wedding Photographers available, each with a unique vision, it is a lot of information to digest, and choose what is best for you! However, experience and the ability to work in challenging conditions; such as rainy weather, dark venues all whilst maintaining a calm and professional mindset is a key factor that also you need to.

Working with your Indian Wedding Photographer in Los Cabos

Different Indian wedding photographers in Cabos work in different ways with their clients to get the desired results. Our approach as Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photographers, is to adopt a photo journalistic style combined with simple directions when necessary.

After all, not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera (me included!), and people need to feel comfortable. As one of the more experienced Indian Wedding Photographers in Los Cabos, we have a comprehensive understanding of ambient and artificial light, its intensity and how to work with it to emphasise the natural beauty in you both on your wedding day.

Indian Destination Wedding Planners in Los Cabos

Finally, planning your Indian destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas from abroad may seem like a daunting task. If you are in the initial stages of planning your destination wedding, and have already contracted us as your Indian Wedding Photographers in Los Cabos. W can make a number of recommendations of other wedding vendors upon request.

From there, you can decide liberally should you wish to go with any of my recommendations or not. An Indian wedding planner in Cabo San Lucas will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

If you are reviewing Los Cabos Wedding Photographers for your South Asian Wedding in Mexico. Please get in touch here, as I would love to hear from you.