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Pooja & Bryant

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November 10 - 12, 2022

Love, Tradition, and Elegance: Pooja and Bryant's Spectacular Indian Wedding in Punta Cana

It is with immense pleasure that we share with you the superb story of Pooja and Bryant's remarkable Indian wedding, amidst the breathtaking beauty of Punta Cana. This monumental celebration was graced by none other than the majestic backdrop of the Hard Rock Punta Cana resort.

Punta Cana - A Destination Wedding of Unparalleled Beauty

Punta Cana, with its sun-kissed beaches and swaying palm trees, served as the idyllic canvas upon which Pooja and Bryant painted their love story. Nestled within this tropical paradise, the Hard Rock Punta Cana resort lent an air of opulence and grandeur, ensuring that every facet of their wedding was nothing short of spectacular. It was indeed the perfect choice of destination for a celebration that would linger in the hearts and memories of all who had the privilege to attend.

The Enchanted Mehndi and Welcome Night

The festivities commenced on day 1 with a vibrant Mehndi night, which swiftly transitioned into a night of fun and dancing.

Haldi Fun and Sea Dip

The Haldi ceremony was a lively affair, celebrated with family and friends. The bride and groom finished up by taking a run and dip into the sea to clean up and get fresh! This was followed by the unforgettable Sangeet night on the beach. An explosion of coluors, music, and dance. It was a night when Bollywood met the Caribbean, and the dance floor was set ablaze by enthusiastic performances from friends and family.

The Grand Hindu Wedding 

The grand finale was the hindu wedding ceremony itself, over the resorts center pool. With the magnificent floral mandap appearing to float on crystal blue waters, as hindu rituals were performed. The vibrant coluors of Indian attire contrasted beautifully with the mandap decor, creating a breathtaking tableau.

Elegant Indian Wedding Reception

The elegant wedding reception took place at the ballroom at Hard Rock Punta Cana, and consisted of superb decor, live music welcome guests during cocktail hour. And the reception itself, consisted of more live performances by guests followed by the dance floor opening up and more live entertainment to get the guests moving!


Photo: Gareth Davies Photography
Planning: Firgun Events


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