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Indian Wedding Cancun - Dreams Natura

Nayanika & Vijay

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May 13 - 16, 2022

Indian Wedding at Dreams Natura

Nayanika and Vijay hosted their superb Telegu wedding in Cancun, at Dreams Natura Resort. A colourful South Indian Wedding in heart of the Carribean. Nayanika and Vijay incorporated many traditional, religious, and cultural South Indian elements into their wedding events. Here´s a summary of their magical celebration.

How did you both meet?   

In the midst of COVID, both of their friends urged them both to join Dil Mil, a South Asian dating app. In response to Nayanika’s Game of Thrones themed college party pic, Vijay shot his shot with: "What's up Khaleesi?," and the rest was history. Vijay first visited Nayanika in Columbus, Ohio.  

What was your first date?   

Vijay and Nayanika spent their first date hiking at Hocking Hills. Vijay showed up in purple shoes, purple shorts, purple jersey, and purple sunglasses…needless to say, Nayanika was a little concerned. But, she gave him a chance and his fun, sweet personality won out. Now, Nayanika picks his outfit choices haha. 

How and where did your partner propose to you?   

On a family trip to Chicago, Nayanika texted Vijay, "I wish you were here," and little did she know...he was! Nayanika’s mom played the role of a masterful actress as she staged phone calls with aunties to keep up the ruse. So when Nayanika walked onto the rooftop of the Viceroy hotel in downtown Chicago, she was 100% confident she was going to brunch with family friends. And what she saw before her eyes wowed her...the man she loved had created the most beautiful setting she had ever seen. See, Vijay had contacted planners and vendors for months to create a perfect proposal for Nayanika in her favorite city ever! Vijay thought of everything from using hundreds of Nayanika’s favorite flowers: orchids and roses to her 2 favorite colors: purple and red. They had joked about visiting Paris, which they both knew could not have happened with the time constraints of school, so instead he brought Paris to Chicago with an Eiffel tower figurine and her favorite Parisian macaroons. Each and every photo was a special moment shared among them leading up to a sign that said, "Started off with a swipe, and now...Eppatiki Kalisi." Nayanika's eyes teared up as she read their very special phrase meaning "Together Forever" in Telugu (both of their second languages). Vijay shocked and stunned Nayanika with a proposal far beyond her wildest dreams!

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?    

Nayanika’s most memorable moment was when V&N were playing the ring game! A gold ring is placed in a large tub of water, and as per tradition, whoever finds the ring first is the one who is more likely to get their way during the marriage. As the far more athletic one of the two, Vijay easily found the ring but subtly underwater nudged Nayanika’s hand, and gave it to her underwater, so she would win the game. Vijay surprised Nayanika with his kindness as usual!  

 What was the most funny moment of your wedding?   

Vijay’s baarat was the funniest moment. Vijay, a die hard basketball fan, had a 1 vs. 1 mini game of basketball with Nayanika’s dad during the baarat. Vijay dunked on Nayanika’s dad and Nayanika’s dad who has probably never played a game of basketball during his life somehow shot a backwards basket without looking. The crowd went wild for the most epic game of basketball.  

Why did you choose your wedding venue? 

Nayanika and Vijay were immediatley blown away by Dreams Natura. They always wanted a destination wedding, but what made Dreams unique was how different all the venues were from each other. From a spa built exaclty like a cenote to shallow pools to ziplines to gorgeous infinity pools overlooking the beach, the resort was so varied and beautiful, while still intimate.  

Give us a summary of your wedding

Nayanika and Vijay had a 4 day destination South Indian Telugu wedding in Cancun, Mexico with 11+ Events! Some highlights of the wedding include: fancy shallow pool party with fireworks, fire dancer cocktail hour, ocean side holi-haldi party with flower shower and color bombs, vintage red car/horse/basketball game baarat (groom vs. bride's father with a dunk and backwards basket), thousands of flower wedding mandap on a crystal platform over the water with live painter and monogramed coconuts, haze guns and dol player at red rose reception topped with a hora loca tequila robot, water drums and an LED dance floor on the beach for the sangeet, and spa cave glow in the dark after party for the young adults!  

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