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Indian Wedding Cancun - Planet Hollywood Costa Mujeres

Namrata & Viraj

South Asian Wedding Photographers Cancun

April 13 - 16, 2022


Step into a world of enchantment as we recount the captivating journey of Namrata and Viraj, whose 4-day Indian destination wedding at Planet Hollywood Costa Mujeres in Mexico artfully weaves together the magic of love, tradition, and the allure of a tropical paradise. From the vibrant traditions to the breathtaking coastal setting, every moment reflects their extraordinary union.

Mehndi and Haldi

Namrata and Viraj's wedding was a true celebration of their rich Gujarati heritage, a tapestry woven with vibrant traditions and heartfelt moments. Kicking off with Namrata's bridal mehndi on the first day, the intimate gathering in her room echoed with laughter and anticipation. Transitioning seamlessly to the next day, the festivities continued with a joyous and fun-filled haldi ceremony, a vibrant symphony of turmeric and laughter against the stunning backdrop of Planet Hollywood Costa Mujeres. Following closely, a burst of color unfolded in a holi ceremony on the beach, where the bride, groom, and their jubilant guests painted the shoreline with hues of joy. As the ceremony ended, a playful exodus led everyone to the sea, where laughter filled the air as they playfully cleansed themselves in the sea's embrace.

Sangeet at the Beach

In the evening after the Haldi, we witnessed the electrifying Sangeet, where the couple's families and friends joined forces to create a night of sheer entertainment. The dance floor came alive with energetic performances, and the grooms brother giving salsa classes to the guests before the dance floor opened and roared with energy.

Breathtaking Indian Wedding Ceremony in Cancun

The couple's wedding day arrived, against the backdrop of the Mexican coastline, the traditional Gujarati wedding unfolded, complete with the sacred fire, seven vows, and blessings from loved ones. The couple's attire and the rituals exuded timeless elegance and reverence.

Grand Indian Wedding Reception

The celebration culminated in a grand wedding reception, where glamour met tradition. Guests were treated to a lavish feast, heartwarming speeches from family and friends, and dance performances that illuminated the night.

Photo: Gareth Davies Wedding Photographer
Travel: Shaadi Destinations
Venue: Planet Hollywood Costa Mujeres 

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