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Indian Weddings Cancun - Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Vaishali & Vishal

Indian Weddings Cancun

April 6-8, 2023

Vaishali and Vishal´s Indian Wedding in Cancun

Indian weddings are an excentric amalgamation of tradition, colour, and joy, and the three-day festivity of Vaishali and Vishal at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Cancun, was just that.

Day 1: Haldi and Sangeet

The first day set the tone with a serene ganesh puja ceremony in the morning, invoking blessings for the couple's journey ahead. The spiritual ambiance was packed with very close families and the mitigating sea breeze. The morning rolled over to the lively haldi ceremony. In the evening, as the sun was setting on the horizon, the Sangeet commenced. It was an evening of dance, music, and performances by close friends and family, celebrating the couple's love and unity in a grand way.

Day 2: The Indian Wedding Ceremony in Cancun

On day 2, the main event—the traditional Indian wedding ceremony. Vaishali was dressed to perfection in her glamourous Indian wedding attire, and Vishal looked very stellar in his sherwani. A short and sweet first look between the bride and groom provided an intimate moment between the 2 of them, followed by a portrait session. The baraat was a toasty energetic event with surprise performances by both the bride and groom. The main ceremony included the Jaimala, or garland exchange, followed by the Saat Phere, taking seven rounds around the holy fire, all symbolic of the vows and unity between them.

The setting was breathtaking, with the backdrop of the turquoise sea of the Riviera Maya enhancing the sacredness of the Indian wedding ceremony in Cancun.

Day 3: The Indian Wedding Reception in Cancun

The reception was just grand—an easy yet formal evening when both the Indian bride and groom could relax and bask in their happiness. They made an evening of it—from heartfelt speeches from both parents and siblings to an extravagant dinner and dancing until you can't stand anymore.

Vaishali and Vishal held their wedding in Cancun at a stunning location in the riviera maya and with a theme that was elegantly one-of-a-kind and, indeed it was very picturesque.


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Photo: Gareth Davies Photography


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