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Indian Wedding Tampa - Downtown Hilton Tampa

Sahana & Sanjay

Indian Wedding Florida

October 12 - 15, 2022

Telegu Wedding in Tampa Florida

In the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida, at the Hilton Downtown Tampa, Sahana and Sanjay held their grand Telugu wedding celebration spanning four unforgettable days.

Day 1 - Pelli Kuthuru

The festivities commenced with the Pelli Kuthuru ceremony at the bride's residence. Sahana and Sanjay´s ceremonies commenced with this ritual, marking the beginning of their journey together. Other traditional ceremonies followed, reinforcing the bonds of family and tradition.

Day 2: Sangeet Extravaganza at Tampa River Center

At the Tampa River Center, a colorful Sangeet ceremony unfolded. Guests enjoyed delectable food, lively dances, and toasts. It was a night filled with joy and celebration, honoring the couple's cultural heritage.

Day 3: The Grand Wedding at Hilton Downtown Tampa

The Hilton Downtown Tampa hosted the grand wedding. The day began with Sahana and Sanjays getting ready photos in their respective hotel rooms. Followed by the Baraat procession, with Sanjay's lively entrance. Meanwhile, Sahana underwent a special ceremony, surrounded by family. The main ceremony featured a breathtaking floral mandap, and the couple's love was consecrated amidst cheers and live music. Afterward, a lavish lunch was served.

Day 4: A Lush Wedding Reception 

A brunch at the Hilton Downtown Tampa allowed guests to savor the last moments. More photos were taken, preserving precious memories. In the evening, a luxurious wedding reception capped off the celebration, with dancing and revelry until midnight.

Sahana and Sanjay's 4 day Indian wedding in Tampa was a beautiful blend of love, tradition, and togetherness. Take a glimpse at some of the highlights from their Telegu wedding.


Photo: Gareth Davies Photography
Planning and Design: Tum Hi Ho Events

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