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Indian Wedding Punta Cana - Hard Rock Punta Cana

Saipriya & Keval

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August 24-26, 2023

Saipriya and Keval’s Vibrant Indian Wedding Punta Cana

Saipriya and Keval's 4-day Indian wedding at Hard Rock Punta Cana was absolutely splendid. Nestled in the Punta Cana´s opulent surroundings, the celebration featured a lively wedding welcome party with games, Haldi ceremonies, an exuberant Sangeet, and a breathtaking wedding in the ballroom with epic super hero themed musical entrances for the bride and groom. Each moment brimmed with love, joy, and rich traditions. But lets find out a little about our couple!

How did you meet?

I first met Sai through a poster. Sounds weird, but true. Our university was putting up diversity photoshoots around campus, including outside my dormOne day, as Keval was coming down the hallway to his dorm, Sai appeared in front of him. She was slated to work as a security monitor in my dorm of all places. Keval helped her set up her desk and asked for he signature as though she was a celebrity. It was love at first sight. From there, the friendship grew and love blossomed 

What was your first date?

Our first date was truly an adventure. We both dressed up for the occasion - Keval in a sharp suit and Sai in a lovely blue dress. Keval arrived at Sai's dorm with a bouquet of flowers in hand, and from there, our magical evening began. 

We started with dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Amherst, Lincoln Tavern (we still have the receipt for the dinner).  After enjoying a delicious meal, we changed into more comfortable clothes for the next part of our date. This adventure led us to a spooky corn maze, where we navigated through the twists and turns together. 

But the excitement didn't stop there. We then hopped onto the back of a farming cart for some zombie paintball. The adrenaline rush and shared laughter made this part of the date truly unforgettable. 

To cap off our incredible night, we made our way to the observatory atop the highest hill on campus. There, we cuddled up under the starry sky to watch a meteor shower, adding a touch of romance to our adventurous evening. 

How and When did your partner propose to you?

Keval's proposal unfolded like a chapter from a fairytale, woven with the threads of their unique love story. To truly grasp the enchantment of that moment, you have to dive into the pages of how he first swept Sai off her feet. 

Picture Valentine's Day in 2016, a day painted in hues of romance. Keval, with a heart full of creativity, had his closest friend play cupid. Through this accomplice, he sent Sai her favorite chocolates and a card bearing the endearing question, "will you be the peanut butter to my jelly?" The rendezvous point was his dorm, a space transformed into a celestial haven with glow-in-the-dark stars adorning the ceiling. As the music played, Keval stood there with a single red rose, extending an invitation to dance to the tune that marked the beginning of their love story. 

Fast forward to the grand proposal, a sequel written in the stars. Under the pretense of a work ball, Keval orchestrated an elaborate affair. While Sai dressed in anticipation, Keval ascended to the 27th floor of his Boston apartment building, a vantage point offering a breathtaking view of the Charles River. Recreating the magic of their first encounter, his trusted friend delivered Sai's favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates and the cherished card, stoking the flames of excitement. 

Guiding her to the balcony, Keval stood beneath a real night sky, a celestial tapestry mirroring the vastness of his love. Amidst the shimmering stars and the twinkling city lights, he knelt down and, with a beating heart, asked Sai to embark on a new chapter as his wife. It was a moment suspended in time, a breathtaking blend of love, stars, and the cityscape that would forever mark their extraordinary love story. 

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

The pinnacle of our wedding, the moment etched in our hearts, was undoubtedly the walk down the aisle as a newly pronounced married couple. It was nothing short of exhilarating. There was an indescribable energy in the air, a culmination of years filled with love, laughter, and shared endeavors, all leading to this epic journey down the aisle. 

As we took those initial steps into our shared future, the aisle became a symbolic pathway adorned with the sparks of joy held by the cherished individuals who mattered most to us. Each flicker of light seemed to echo the moments we had woven together, a testament to the support, encouragement, and love that had fueled our journey. 

The resonance of footsteps harmonized with the beating of our hearts, creating a melody that seemed to encapsulate the essence of our union. The aisle, once a mere passageway, transformed into a sacred runway where our love story unfolded in the presence of those who had witnessed and celebrated our connection from the beginning. 

It was more than a walk; it was a triumphant passage into a shared lifetime, a canvas painted with the hues of commitment and promise. The sparks that illuminated our path symbolized not only the joy of the present but also the promises of a radiant and enduring future as a united couple. 

What was the funniest moment from your wedding?

Hands down the funniest moment was when a child at the ceremony said she had to pee and Keval responded that he did to from up on the mandap. Everyone loved it.  

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

We chose our wedding venue because of its stunning layout, offering an abundance of fun and adventure at every turn. Opting for a destination wedding had always been a dream for us, and Punta Cana emerged as the perfect location. The allure of its white, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters aligned seamlessly with everything we had envisioned for our special day. It wasn't just about the aesthetics; we wanted our guests to have a blast, and the venue provided the ideal backdrop for creating lasting memories. The decision to celebrate our union in Punta Cana became a tangible realization of our dream for a beautiful and enjoyable destination wedding. 

Give us a summary of your wedding

Our wedding was pure magic, exceeding all our dreams. The haldi and holi ceremonies were a riot of beautiful colors, keeping everyone captivated from the very start. The sangeet was electric, fueled by the passion in our hearts. The wedding itself felt enchantingly natural, a seamless blend of magic and emotion. The reception, an epic finale, left us with a sense of completeness; nothing was amiss. Love and adventure were the guiding themes, and they resonated throughout every moment, making our celebration truly unforgettable. 

Photography: Gareth Davies Photography
Travel: Shaadi Destinations
Venue: Hard Rock Punta Cana


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