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Indian Wedding Cancun - Royalton Riviera Maya

Karishma & Manish

Indian Weddings Cancun

March 17 - 19, 2022

A Spectacular Hindu Wedding at the Royalton Riviera Maya: Karishma and Manish's Unforgettable Journey in Cancun

Karishma and Manish's Hindu wedding at the Royalton Riviera Maya was nothing short of a dream come true. With guests from all corners of the globe, this event was a fusion of love, festivity, and the rich heritage of Hindu customs.

Day 1: Welcome Party

The festivities began with a warm welcome party, where guests were greeted with smiles, music, and an array of delectable dishes. The Royalton Riviera Maya provided the perfect setting, with its lush gardens and luxurious amenities. As the sun set over the Caribbean, attendees mingled, shared stories, and set the stage for the days ahead.

Day 2: Ganesh Puja and Haldi

The second day commenced with a sacred Ganesh Puja, a traditional Hindu ceremony seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. Amidst the serene surroundings, the couple and their families prayed for a harmonious journey ahead.

Following the puja, the Haldi ceremony brought joy and laughter as turmeric paste was lovingly applied to the bride and groom's skin. The golden hue of turmeric symbolized purity, fertility, and the beginning of a new life together. As laughter filled the air, this day radiated warmth and happiness.

In a spontaneous moment of pure joy, Karishma and Manish decided to run into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, sealing their love with a splash and laughter. The picturesque backdrop provided the perfect canvas for these spontaneous, unforgettable moments.

Evening: Sangeet and Surprise Fire Show

The evening brought with it the vibrant Sangeet, a celebration of music, dance, and culture. Dressed in resplendent traditional attire, Karishma and Manish danced to Bollywood tunes, their graceful moves captivating the crowd. The dance floor was alive with energy as friends and family joined in, making it a night to remember.

As the night grew darker, a surprise fire show illuminated the sky. Fire dancers mesmerized the guests with their incredible skills, and the evening culminated in a breathtaking firework display that left everyone in awe.

Day 3: Hindu Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception

The third day was the pinnacle of the celebration, as Karishma and Manish exchanged their vows in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. With the stunning Caribbean Sea as their witness, the couple's love story was etched into eternity. The rituals, colors, and traditions created a tapestry of cultural richness that will be cherished forever.

The wedding reception was a grand affair, with sumptuous feasts, heartfelt toasts, and dancing that continued until midnight. Guests marveled at the decor, the couple's attire, and the love that filled the air. As the clock struck midnight, the celebration was not just the culmination of three extraordinary days but the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for Karishma and Manish.


Karishma and Manish's Hindu wedding at the Royalton Riviera Maya was a testament to the power of love, tradition, and the joy of coming together with loved ones from around the world. From the welcome party to the grand wedding reception, every moment was filled with laughter, tears of joy, and unforgettable memories. Against the backdrop of the Caribbean, this wedding was a spectacular journey of love and culture, etching its mark in the hearts of all who attended. It was a celebration that will be remembered for generations to come, a union that not only brought two souls together but also united the world in celebration.

Photo: Gareth Davies Photography
Travel: Shaadi Destinations
Planning & Design: JC Castillo Weddings

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