I was recently approached by Sleeklens to review their Forever Thine Lightroom Presets, an extensive set of Adobe Lightroom presets for discerning wedding photographers working in Lightroom 4, 5 6 and CC. In this article, I aim to provide a non-biased review of the Forever Thine Lightroom Presets.

Finding suitable Lightroom presets for my wedding photography workflow is something I am consistently on the lookout for, to improve post-production process and to minimise workflow time without compromising on the quality of high-quality images I like to deliver to the newlyweds.

The RAW unedited image of the Brides dress as seen in Lightroom. It's "OK", somewhat flat in contrast and colour...it's certainly not a killer shot!

The photograph with the Sleeklens "Best Man" LR Preset applied (from their Forever Thine Collection). The resulting photograph brings out the detail in the wedding dress and makes the room far more contrasty and appealing.

I could have improved on the image further by using their Lightroom adjustment brushes to make the image pop a little more. But for the sake of example and efficiency, the result from a mere one click isn´t to be frowned upon.

Local Adjustment Brushes

One of the great advantages of the Sleeklens Forever Thine Lightroom Presets is that they also come with an impressive 23 local adjustment brushes, not something to grumble at! They are specifically oriented towards Wedding photography post-processing and predefined to allow the user to perform local adjustments such as whitening teeth, brighten eyes, fix red skin, brighten highlights, darken shadows and even a set of brushes that will allow you to darken a tuxedo, fix overexpose/underexpose, brighten wedding dress amongst others.

Categorised Presets

Part of the beauty of the wedding presets is that they are divided accordingly and clearly marked as to their area of function, e.g. wedding film, wedding matte, vignette, tone/tint, wedding fashion, wedding black and white, wedding vintage, amongst others.

Whilst this is good, from my point of view having so many filters can be an obstacle that deters me from being consistent upon delivering the final photographs to the wedding couple. But that is something minor, and down to individual preference. The main benefit here is, there are somethings for everyone's tastes.

The wedding vintage presets provide some attractive options too, many that are frequently used in post-production for weddings currently. One of my favourites in this section is the Azure, in the wedding film presets there is some equally interesting presets, such as the Gone with the Wind preset, see the example below.

The above photograph on the left is the RAW image taken straight from the camera, the photograph above right is with the Sleeklens LR Wedding film preset "Gone with the wind" applied. It has a nice feel to it certainly, and still retains the details in the brides' dress. I made some very minor tweaks to the preset. But overall, it is aesthetically pleasing.


There are an infinite number of Lightroom presets out there available for free, however, much like Photoshop actions, they aren´t necessarily oriented towards a specific purpose or subject. And, its very hit and miss in terms of getting a satisfactory result.

When you are editing hundreds or thousands of images, minimising time spent sitting in front of a screen is key, you definitely need to employ post-production tools or presets that are better oriented to your purpose. Sleeklens Forever Thine presets may be the correct set of tools for you.

112 Lightroom wedding presets and 23 wedding local adjustment brushes that work on RAW and JPG files, there is something here to fulfil every wedding photographers style, whether you are a seasoned wedding photography professional or just learning the ropes.

If that isn't enough...Sleeklens also provide a professional photo editing service. However, I can not vouch for that as I have not used their service, if you have, I would love to hear from you.

Discover more about the Forever Thine Wedding Presets. Or to discover another Lightroom presets they have to accommodate other types of photo collections you may have.