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Hotel Marina El Cid Wedding - Puerto Morelos

Briana & Isaac

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2nd October, 2019. Puerto Morelos

Briana and Isaac got married 10 years ago. Unfortunately at that time they were unable to have the wedding they had wished for. That all changed in October 2019, when they had their Mexico destination wedding at Hotel Marina el Cid in Puerto Morelos. Here´s a little more about this lovely couple and their special wedding in Riviera Maya.

How did you meet?

We actually both grew up in the same town, Isaac was just a few years older than me. Later we realized we were in high school together for a year, but never actually met each other. Although we knew a lot of the same people. After running into each other regularly while working out at our local gym. Isaac kept telling my best friend (Maid of Honor) to give me his phone number. Admittedly, I refused for a while. Finally, he wore me down 😉 and I reached out to him. We started talking, he asked me on a date and the rest is history 🙂

What was your first date?

We went bowling.

How and where did you get engaged?

Isaac made me a scrapbook of our relationship together up to that point. In the final pages was an incredibly sweet letter to me, and a wedding proposal. He had invited all of our closest friends over by telling me we were all meeting up to go to dinner for his birthday. Most of the people that were there to witness our engagement, travelled to Mexico with us for our vow renewal!  

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Our first look... We have been married for 10 years. But, I think we were both a little nervous that all the romantic and special moments of a typical wedding would be lost between us. Because we have spent so long together. Ultimately, it ended up being a really intimate, romantic and special moment for us to share with one another.  

What was the most funny moment of your wedding?

My Maid of Honors Son running around the wedding reception opening up his shirt to “flash” everyone! Haha!  

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

We have been vacationing in the Riviera Maya area at least once a year, often twice, for many years now. Despite having stayed at a few different resorts, Hotel Marina El Cid always has made us feel the most comfortable. Not to mention we have gotten to know a few of the staff members, it just felt like the perfect place to hold such a Mexico destination wedding.

And here is Briana and Isaacs´s Mexico Destination Wedding in pictures :

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