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Akiin Beach Wedding Tulum

Stephanie & Lachlan

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6th April, 2018. Tulum Quintana Roo

Stephanie & Lachlan´s Mexican Destination Wedding in Akiin Beach Tulum brought together a widely dispersed family from Australia, New Zealand and Europe to a convenient yet beautiful wedding venue on the beach in Tulum. I was honored to be chosed as the Tulum Wedding Photographer for their Wedding on the white sandy beach. Here I share a little with you about the newlyweds.

How did you meet?

We met in a bar in the beach town of Manly, (Sydney, Australia) in July 2011. Both on respective girls and boys’ nights out, we ended up in the same group through mutual friends. That night was actually supposed to be Lachlan’s last night out in Manly for a while as he was planning to move to another suburb after a trip overseas. Fate definitely played a part in us meeting that night!

What was your first date?

Drinks and dinner in the city.

How and where did your partner ask for your hand in marriage?

In New York, we were there for a friends’ wedding and Lachlan was the best man. It was a few days before the wedding, we went for dinner in the West Village and this was where the proposal was supposed to take place. Unfortunately we were seated right next to a very loud table so Lachlan decided the ambience wasn’t right and delayed it slightly. We headed back to our hotel where we were meeting friends for drinks at the rooftop bar. Arriving back there, Lachlan mentioned he needed to stop by our hotel room to use the bathroom. I thought this was strange and asked why he couldn’t use the one at the rooftop bar! Little did I know the drinks with friends were actually celebratory engagement drinks so he needed to propose before we got up there! He proposed in our hotel room which was super cute and it was nice that it was just us. I was in complete shock and just kept repeating ‘Oh my god’ before eventually giving a big YES!

What was the most memorable moment the day of your wedding?

It’s too hard to pick one moment! But the Mayan ceremony was probably the most memorable part, it was such a beautiful experience. We also had a lot of fun on the dance floor

Memorable moments from the photographers – Gareth, our Tulum Wedding Photographer moving at the speed of light from the palapa to get a shot of my mom dancing with the Mariachi band and the second photographer running into the ocean fully clothed to get a shot of something back on the beach. Talk about dedication to the job!

What was the most funny moment the day of your Destination wedding?

When the shaman performing the ceremony went to flick water in my face and I immediately put my hand up to protect my make-up!

Why did you choose your Mexican wedding venue?

We wanted it to be on a beautiful beach with a relaxed vibe, Akiin Beach in Tulum was all this and more!

Give us a summary of your wedding day

It was everything we wanted it to be - Fun, relaxed, great weather, good food, best friends, plenty of tequila & lots of dancing

Wedding Planner: Mango Weddings
Venue: Akiin Beach Tulum

If you are looking for a Tulum wedding photographer, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your big day further! 🙂

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